Panel Beaters Cape Town

A panel beater is a term used to describe a person who repairs vehicle bodies back to their factory state after having been damaged.  At XLNT Panel Beaters Cape Town we pride ourselves on excellent workmanship with the reputation that goes with this excellence. 

Our highly skilled staff are equipped to replace and repair various parts of a motor vehicle whether they be various metals including steel and alloys, plastics, fibreglass amongst others.  Specialist areas include repairs to motorcycles, trucks and even aircraft. We also undertake vehicle restoration.

We are able to make repairs to the following :-

  • Replacement and repair of bonnets, bumpers and boot lids.
  • Replacement and repair of all fenders, headlights and doors.
  • All mag wheel replacement and repair.
  • Hail damage and rust spots
  • Precise colour coding and spray painting to all areas of the motor vehicle.
  • State of the art polishing of all vehicle surfaces.
  • Chassis Straightening - All chassis damages are straightened on our cellete bench and measured electronically to factory specification by means of a computerised measuring  system.
  • Suspension Repairs – Suspension parts are integral to road handling and safety.  Suspension repairs and replacement are carried out by our qualified mechanic and fitted and aligned according to factory specification.
  • Panel Beating – Our highly skilled and qualified artisans are geared and equipped to repair, fit and accurately spot weld panels. Our workmanship is guaranteed.
  • Spray Painting – Our state of the art spray booth and oven guarantees a superior factory finish.
  • Assembling – We have a designate tiled and clean area where stripping and assembling is carried out. Vehicle parts are stored in individual mobile lock up cages ensuring no parts are misplaced or lost.
  • Windscreens – Fitting and removing windscreens to SABS standards guaranteed.
  • Auto Valet – Our superior wash bays are equipped to clean both inside and outside the vehicle to exacting standards.
  • Auto Trimming – Trimming and upholstery is remanufactured to high quality specification in both leather and fabric.
  • Polish Bay – Our qualified polishing team transform your vehicle to a showroom finish.
  • Tow in service.

Whatever the damaged incurred to your motor vehicle, be it a serious accident, a minor fender bender or any other damage by whichever means, having the repair undertaken at your earliest convenience is essential.

We understand this urgency at XLNT PANEL BEATERS and have developed our advanced technological repair and management systems to ensure excellence in repair in the shortest time frame possible. Guaranteed customer satisfaction from start to finish is what you can expect to experience with XLNT PANEL BEATERS.